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Your donation will help us grow the world of web3 security. More auditors and bounty hunters will mean more secure protocols and a safer, healthier web3 ecosystem.

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You can write off your donation for tax purposes. We are a registered non-profit organization in the United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program's mission?
We want to transition promising junior auditors who are spending nights and weekends finding bugs, to full-time security researchers, by giving them the financial flexibility to make the leap.
How do you use the money?
The money is used to pay living stipends to promising junior auditors.
How do I donate?
Contact us so we can issue the appropriate tax forms. You can donate via bank transfer or crypto.
Can I get access to the successful students resumes?
Yes, you can. We will share the resumes of the students who have successfully completed the program with their consent.


Contact us to learn more about the program. We love to hear from aspiring auditors!


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